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Originally Posted by torka View Post
There are four basic things you need for good SEO:
  1. Start with clean code that doesn't present any impediments to the search engine spiders. Unless the spiders can "read" your pages and traverse your site, all the rest of your efforts will be wasted.
  2. Create a logical site architecture that is easy for visitors to navigate. It should ensure your most important pages are the most prominent in your navigation. Overall, your site navigation should be intuitive and should guide visitors toward your MDA (Most Desired Action).
  3. Populate the site with excellent content. Include strong calls-to-action and make sure each page's content is also designed to guide your visitor toward your MDA. Google's Panda updates are designed to weed out "thin" or low-value content, so it's important that your content be unique, useful and/or informative, well-written, and grammatically correct.
  4. Promote your site to build awareness. Seek out strong, earned editorial links. (Google "Eric Ward" and read his articles for more information on responsible link acquisition.) Google's Penguin updates are designed to discount or penalize low-quality links, so please (please, please, please) do not waste your time with low-value link schemes just because they seem "easy to obtain." It is not about how many links you have, it's about how good your links are. In general, any link you can "build" for yourself is not a good link.

It sounds simple, but that's actually more SEO than many so-called "experts" ever get around to implementing. And following these four steps will get you better results than a lot of them ever see, as well.

I so agree with this one! Especially the first one. You are going to need a clean code to work on. This has been our problem trying to get past Google page speed requirements. Our css and js codes are a bit off. I was able to do a little tweaks, but it needs a pro to clean out some errors.

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