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Default Thrilled By This Forum :)

Hello mates everything allright? at the moment Im writing my first writing here, spectacular board by the way!:)
Now I will head to my presentation, Im Benny, I was born on Winchester, now doing erasmus on a different country now on Pharmacy to obtain my graduation.
I love football as well as taking naps lol, and I also listen a lot The Cure, my greatest hobbie right now is playing online poker, as many of you...I think....and also magic the gathering.
The main reason I registered on this forum to find new concepts to my private websites because you guys do have many interesting discussions here, but indeed I will engage seriously in all of the threads in the forum!!!!!
I will also excuse by my english it is the only way I get to talk with all of you....
By the time being is all I have say, cause I have a job of shifts and so I will rest a few hours..............Just hope you enjoyed my 1rst topic.
untill next post to you all, Bye!

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