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It all depends on what niche you choose to dive in, I can tell you that the most I sell and more profitable items are the accessories on my fish finders, I have mark ups of at least 35% and still use dropshippers so I don't have to deal with inventory, with paintballs on the other hand is a pain in the neck, you have hundreds if not thousands of stores specialized just on that with some ridiculous prices and having to deal with inventory, packaging, shipping, returned items (I don't know why but it happens all the time with those) so you end up loosing your shirt.

The way I see it is if you are going to sell something below the $50 mark make sure that there are not a lot of web stores that sell those items and get yourself a good dropshipper, it does not matter if it's in town or way far from you, it drives your costs down period.

In my case I'm going to get a local distributor for the Home Theater products because is going to give me a lot of advantages that I would not have if buying from a dropshipper out of town, I can have my preferred freight company pick up the product locally, I can inspect the product and make sure that it was in good condition when shipped (is not the same to handle a return for a $300 item than a $4,000 one and have to give a refund or fight with the freight company), etc.

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