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thanks for that added info Soyomb and welcome to the forum WiteKnite!

do you agree it is always better to find a local distributor (or one from the town next door sort of thing) versus using a dropshipsource type service? It seems the reality of nickles getting squeezed out often makes establishing a good source via online resources unrealistic as many others are also already familiar with them. seems to be a crux to the issue when it comes to being competitive regarding pricing and at the same time making 'some' money.

Additionally, i haven't figured out any way to make any money on a product that sells for less than $50, as by the time you get done with product cost, shipping, fees, etc. there is no margin. Is there any way to profitably sell low price point products without establishing an inventory? Or do you just immediately cut those out of your list of potential products?

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