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Originally Posted by nickkringas View Post
I agree. Right now, it's 95% about the links pointing to your site. If you want to rank for 90210 Plumber, get links from other (hopefully authoritative) sites using "90210 Plumber" as the anchor text.

Regarding on page optimization, the title and permalink seem to still carry weight, so I agree with the other commenter above... one page per keyword. so "90210 plumber reveals how to stop a leak with your thumb...." can be one of your titles if that's what you are optimizing for.

If anyone can show me an example of any webpage ranking #1 for any keyword with a footer stuffed like that, I would love to see it and will stand corrected.

Hope that helped....
I have literally hundreds of website pages at the top of Google making use of similar principles although I don't do it quite the same way.

For that matter, I have a friend/former client who does use the techniques being discussed, and he also ranks at the top for many terms.

If you've been keeping an eye on Google (as Big Brother) for a while, you have probably noticed that there's plenty of stuff that misses their algorithm's eyes. Google would love to have you think so, but their eyes are definitely not everywhere all the time.

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