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Default What about Dummies books?

Well, I'm a bit biased, but if you want a visual book that'll give you the basics of setting up your own e-commerce store, there's Web Stores Do It Yourself for Dummies. If you want a book that covers a lot of the different areas regarding an online business, try Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. They're available on Amazon or at any major bookstore.

Disclaimer: I wrote or co-wrote these books, so naturally I am biased towards them.

I wrote Web Stores for people who just want to follow along as I click through all the steps of getting an account, picking a template, creating a catalog, setting up your store, and the beginning steps of marketing it. The Starting an Online Business book is actually "11 books in one" as it has 65 chapters on everything from legal issues to web design to marketing. It's a little bit of everything, and if you want to get deeper knowledge in one of those areas, there's probably a specific book to help you.

In any case, I hope this helps. As the E-Commerce Guy wrote, it really depends on whether you want to learn about the concept, build a specific kind of store, build a presence on a site like eBay or Amazon, etc.


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