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Default Spoken Like a True Affiliate looking for their commission.

Where to begin...

First off: Lies.

Second off: Definite Lies.

1. If you have to say "it's not a scam".... well, that's never a good sign.

2. When has the "The only reason people say bad things about it is because it's so good and your competition doesn't want you to know about it" argument EVER actually been the case? How many "The weight loss supplement pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about" and "The secret women don't want men to know" advertisements do you need to fall for before we learn that one?

3. "Only the ethical methods will be shown" is either a really bad way of phrasing that.. or a very telling one. I'm not sure which.

4. "You don't have to worry about your site being penalized" - You should. Because many sites have been for using this and similar programs.

Google is a company. Like any company they have rules and policies and procedures. Ranking on Google is not an accident or luck, it's true. It's a closely guarded algorithm that changes and takes into account a multitude of factors. The only person who can guarantee you a front page listing on Google is Google and even they don't do that. No outside vendor, completely removed from the company can "guarantee" anyone a listing. It just doesn't work that way. And if there really were a "fool-proof and surefire way" to land your website on the front page of Google in 24 hours you can bet Google would fix that immediately. They don't like to be gamed.

There is a LOT to learn about SEO and I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience in this forum. I won't go into too much detail right now and I won't make this post any longer of a response than it needs to be but know this: The best way to rank well on Google is organically. Any of these services, be it SEO Elite or any other, might be able to get you a temporary boost but the effects will A. Not have the desired result, and B. Likey won't last.

Backlinks are important, no doubt, but having 100 of them from China when you own a shoe store in Chicago is next to useless. All you are trying to do there is fool search engines into thinking your site is bigger and better than it is. They see what you're trying to do and even if you get away with it temporarily it rarely ever lasts and you run the risk of getting penalized for it.

Create a great website that is clean, well-made, and designed with SEO in mind. Offer great products or services that people like and enjoy and share. Create meaningful, useful, engaging content that people like and enjoy and share. Get reviewed by credible sources. Maintain active and engaging social media accounts. Build a good business and you'll rank well. There are no long-term "get rich quick" approaches to getting on the first page of Google. Ya gotta earn it.

Remember this: Google accounts for roughly 70% of ALL searches in the entire world. Millions daily. If there really were a reliable piece of software that could guarantee your website gets parked on the front page of a relevant, meaningful search (and stay there) in front of millions of eyes every day- none of us in this forum could afford to write the check. And if we could- then we wouldn't need to!

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