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Originally Posted by St0n3y View Post
Good copy produces good sales. Good SEO copy produces top rankings AND good sales.
Hi guys. Hope it's ok for me to wade in. I was just gonna say that! I have worn the SEO consultant hat before and now I'm getting some great training in writing sales copy.

If you can accomplish both great search rankings AND sell from the page your batting it out of the park.

I think you can at least try to accomplish both depending on what you're writing copy for. I mean, if it's an email or auto-responder series, then I'm not gonna worry about SEO am I?

If it's a lead-generation page designed to collect subscriber information and the main vehicle driving the page is Solo Adverts, I wouldn't think about SEO either.

On the other hand, if it were a web sales page and organic search is being viewed as the focus to drive traffic to it then yes, you might want to try to accomplish both goals. But I wouldn't sacrifice the great sales copy's potential by concentrating on SEO either. Does that make sense?

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