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I have said all along that the sandbox is simply an algoruthmically triggerd result of a series of events, rather than a specific item. All new sites that are built and promoted these days all follow the same pattern:-

1. site suddenly appears with loads of pages, all optimised and ready to rank
2. site gets submitted to thousands if not millions, NO, EVERY PAGE ON THE WEB is asked to trade links.
3. Links tend to be reciprocal, directories, or blogs
4. Backlinks appear across all the article sites that can be submitted to by using autosubmission software.
5. Run of site footer links appear pointing to the new site.

Wake up people, it doesn't work that way in real life. Much as I feel what Shari has said is not far off the mark, I think she has really not graspedthe right stick here, and she has certainly not said things how they could have been said. WHy is it that people feel they must be downright nasty and/or controvercial to get heard?

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