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When I started my business in 1997, I had been working in a warehouse for the past 11 years. I was so tired of working for the man and being in a profession that was so unrewarding (besides receiving a paycheck).

I wanted to start some kind of business but did not know what. I had a lot of ambition and good work ethic but no skills. I ended up attending a seminar on the Internet and signed up as an affiliate to sell classified ads. That of course never took off but I took the extra step of becoming an affiliate to sell web sites of which a design company would actually design the sites. I'd earn 35% of the total sales for each site I delivered to them. That worked well for awhile until the web design company focused more on signing up affiliates at conferences than actually designing sites.

Our relationship ended when the company fired their MIS Director and the newly appointed one, fearing the old one would hack into their servers, pulled the plug on the DNS server and in the process fried it. Their sites were down for 2 weeks. Fortunately I had copies of the 6 client sites we had at that time. I quickly moved them to another host, learned how to design myself and went on my own.

I always combined search marketing with design services which eventually thrust us into the search marketing industry full time right around 1999. The rest is history.

So, people can start their own business with little to no experience as well as not being sure what they want to do. I think beyond experience and a specific plan, if a person is really going to succeed, they have to be first of all a very hard worker and secondly, be ambitious. With these two qualities in place, experience and specific business plan can evolve. They did with me.

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