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Default People Want To Start A Business But Don't Know Where To Start

I have to say I'm starting to get a little worried.

I'm worried about some of the posts I've been reading concerning business start ups.

I've been reading a lot lately that people want to start a business but don't know where to start. They don't know what sort of business to begin or even what industry. The don't have any experience, but they definitely have a desire to 'start a business of their own'.

What's worrying me about this sort of post is that a business is hard enough to start up when you have years of experience in an industry you love and the necessary skills to accomplish the task. So how can people hope to succeed by simply jumping with both feet without even really knowing the ins and outs of the field you want to join.

Many people replying to these posts recommend research. Which is makes sense of course. but I don't think these start-ups quite realise the in-depth amount of research required. It's not like writing a paper on the subject. It's about the small, practical day to day jobs that need doing to make each business work.

Firstly, it is recommended that you do something you're interested in. Well that's fine in theory but there is far more to running a business than all those fun parts everyone dreams about. At the very least I'd advise that you do some sort of work experience in the field that interests you, to find out if your vision of the industry is really what you believe it to be. The dream job very rarely lives up to you dream of it. Personally, I think you need at least a few months of this experience to really make a judgement. Now this is just to know if the industry you thought is the industry you want to work in.

Secondly, what is it that makes these businesses in these industries successful? You need to see the parts all working together before you can design the structure of your own business. It's preferable if you get a chance to work in each of these positions to see if you can do the job and what it takes to make these roles work.

That includes:
  • Management
  • Accounts
  • Dealing with customers/clients
  • Sales (finding new clients, advertising included)
  • Technician (day to day work, differs on your industry)
and those are just the basic roles, there are many more depending on your particular industry.

You need to know these roles inside and out because when you start-up you are going to have to do a lot these jobs yourself or be able to very quickly find the right people for these positions (a tough job in itself).

Now all these things need to be considered before you even know if you are going to like the business you are about to get involved with…

…and if you don't love (or at least enjoy) the business you're NEVER going to great at it.

So, the point I want to make with this post is it's fine to have aspirations of owning your own business, but, don't just jump into the idea of starting your own business without even looking at the what's involved. Before you start writing a business plan, before you you even think of starting a business in what ever industry, make sure the industry is right for you. Don't just think it is.

There is far more I could discuss on this topic, but I better get back to work. let me leave you on one last point.

Research can take years. Don't take it lightly.
Take the time and make sure the business is right for you.

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