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Where do I stand? Well don't expect my opinions to mean too much since I'm new to online marketing of all kinds.

I think, if you define SEO copywriting as simply stuffing in as many keyword as possible, it's not a good thing at all. People aren't as likely to do business when they see a page chocked full of keywords, having bad grammer, poorly thought out sentences, and copy that's tough to read.

However... If you define SEO copywriting as writing with good grammer and well thought out messages chocked full of keywords & phrases that is easy to read. Well.... You can't ask for much better than that. Anyone coming to such a page will be thinking "This business really knows what they are doing and maybe I should do business with them." They don't care if it's SEO copywriting or not, they just care if it looks good and professional.

So... my opinion is SEO copywriting is neither good nor evil in itself, it's more a matter if it's done well or poorly.

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