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You know what is the problem of this Post? IT IS SO GOOD that you need an experienced person to get involved into the conversation.

I mean, I was reading and reading to see what to comment about and I could not find anything because the explanation, along with picture, is self explanatory.

Finally, I found something to talk about: I thought I knew everything about social media marketing but this concept goes farther than my knowledge.

I am the one who has a large network in LinkedIn and Facebook, and use several techniques to promote my businesses, but I never thought about focusing on influencing other people like me (who has large networks). I always thought that it would be like a war of "who influences who".

This is a kind of approach similar when you are starting a Network Marketing Business "Get 3 or 4 great business developers and let them do the hard work" get the residual income anyway without working too much.

All I can say is, it is an excellent post: Short and Juicy.



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