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Originally Posted by Diane Seltzer View Post
I like different social networks for different reasons... but I have to say G+ is becoming one of my favorites.

I am mainly B2B so I don't do much marketing on Facebook (honestly its starting to annoy me lately for personal use too).

Twitter tends to feel one sided - I find it hard to keep up with posts.

LinkedIn I love for business groups and networking.

Google+ is starting to grow on me for professional networking - but I feel it is strongest for B2B.

My marketing page has grown nicely over the last few years - over 1,000 now - and I believe I am starting to see organic search lift from that. So, for those reasons I am becoming a bigger fan.

You can join my marketing page circle here:

What are the advantages of Google+ for B2B?

Personally, I hardly ever use my personal Facebook page. I do keep my business page updated regularly.

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