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Default A Video Primer On Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Guide video blogger Sage Lewis provides a primer on search engine optimization.

Breaking search engine optimization down to the basics, Sage teaches us:

There are two parts to SEO:

1. On the page criteria. Things that are on the pages of your site.
2. Off the page criteria.

The most important on the page criteria:

1. Title:
The title of your page must include your targeted key phrase.

2. Body Content:
You need to be sure the page content includes the targeted key phrase.

3. Internal Linking:
You have to link all of your pages together and the text of the link should be the keyphrase for the page you are linking to.

Search engine spiders do two things... read text and follow links. If your site doesn't have a lot of text and a lot of links it's going to be more difficult to rank well.

The most important off the page criteria:

1. Links to your site from other sites.
Who is linking to you and how they are linking to you is vitally important. It's high school all over again... get links from the cool sites to be seen as cool by the search engines. If you want to be important in Google's mind you need to have links from other important sites.

Have a plan, work the plan, believe in the plan and you will be successful in the search engines.

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