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Oh, I couldn't agree with you more on the futility of meetings where there's no follow up on the ideas presented. I encountered it routinely as an employee in a large corporation.

But, in our company, since our meetings consisted of seeking ideas that dealt with real problems, each suggestion was assigned on the spot to be followed up by the individual who presented it, and anybody else who wished to help see it through. If an idea was offered and shot down by the group that's where it ended. But, not group approved ideas such as compensating sales people with increasing reward as their sales grew, for example, or teaching our rank and file how to read a financial statement, or installing team incentive systems based on productivity, and negative incentives based on poor quality, all of which proved effective. I could go on and on with the ideas that came from our people and were instituted by them, most experimentally at first before adopting them for good. Our "think tank" became a secret weapon which led to our surpassing our competitors. By the way, I've written about it in a book: BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL. Yes, as you say meetings must be meaningful or they're worse than worthless.

As I mentioned, everyone was equal at these meeting regardless of what their status was on the job. After the meeting we reverted to our usual positions in the job heirarchy.


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