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Default Group meetings

You're making a generality. Yes, group meetings can be a waste of time, but not ours because they were structured to stimulate ideas for specific solutions. Actually, even when I couldn't attend the participants continued them on their own which they were free not to do.



Our meetings began at 8:00AM, before the phones started ringing. Everyone was equal regardless of their position in the job heirarchy. As CEO I had often been told to go to he--. Each person had a chance to speak his/her mind for a limited time unless we agreed that a particular problem required that we all concentrate on it to its solution. Precisely after one hour the meeting ended, to be resumed the next day on the incompleted subject. The meetings were never boring, never seemed too long, and were usually productive. The revelations derived from the various points of view were often startling. Our most original ideas came out of them. But most important since everyone felt free to express themselves without rancor or fear of retribution no one hesitated to speak his or her honest opinion. The ideas that came out of these meetings eventually resulted in a percentage tripling of our bottom line based on sales.

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