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I've worked at a couple of places where that type of meeting can work well.

One was a restaurant that I worked at when in college. We would all sit down for a meal together before the place opened for lunch everyday. Those were productive get-togethers. I'm not sure that half the staff realized that they were even in a meeting, but management had a chance to talk to everyone, listen to concerns, tell people what was new, and so on. It worked very well.

Another was a in a temp, seasonal position in a warehouse. At the start of every shift, we had a fifteen-twenty minute meeting where people where encouraged to speak up, and share their thoughts. The full time staff were given stock options as part of their compensation, and they took their ownership seriously - often coming up with suggestions that boosted morale, inproved processes, and so on.

But I've been in other organizations where meetings didn't work well. What would you say makes the difference?

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