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There are some people in the world that like to do minimal amounts of work and try to get maximum amount of profit. I think that could apply to the majority of people. However, as we all know SEO is a gray area and does take time to complete. That being said, you can see how this might attract folks who don't have the best of intentions. Example: A client hires a person to do SEO work. The client has little knowledge of SEO but knows that it is an effective way to get advertising. The person hired to do the SEO work has all the data to demonstrate their "expertise". Not knowing that the data given was a complete fraud, the client expects a rise in traffic that doesn't occur or expects to have a higher PR that doesn't happen. Why? because the person hired to do the SEO work fraudulently promised things they know can't be or won't be accomplished and for a high servicing fee. There are no "proving" grounds per say to back up what they have been hired to do and the presented contract will always give them enough "wiggle" room to maneuver out of the responsibility of what was originally contracted to begin with. What's left....a disgruntled client who feels they have been taken advantage of and an SEO'er who lied to get money and did nothing towards due diligence. This scenario happens all the time. I work in SEO and want all potential clients to do research on the person you are contracting with to do SEO. Don't just rely on the info they produce. Find out about their skills for yourself. You will find many in SEO who are professionals and want to help not hinder.

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