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Lightbulb 8 Methods -To Dominate&Conquer Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be a powerful tool for almost any business, website or affiliate product. One of the most efficient ways of spreading the word around about one's products is by using viral marketing techniques. This form of marketing is a great way to boost your marketing business without spending a fortune on promotional campaigns. It's also a great way to increase sales, leads, incoming links and targeted traffic. Viral marketing takes the form of a few different internet marketing strategies that have proven their success. That actually take advantage of the great connection which exists among all web users. Unfortunately, many marketers are not taking full advantage of the many benefits of viral marketing.

If you want to be a really successful web business person who wants to earn money online, & if you are interested in dramatically increasing the impact of your marketing efforts at a minimal cost. Then please do consider some of these simple marketing methods below & give your marketing efforts the competitive edge they need. The following methods are no secret these days, and their accuracy has long been acknowledged. Having said all that, lets begin...

1.) Word Of Mouth
One of the best viral techniques to use today is word of mouth (aka "buzz" marketing). This marketing method is one of the best ways to generate a sudden spike in consumer interest & can dramatically increase the online visibility of your marketing business. This method utilizes the enthusiasm of current customers to spread the word about your business to an ever-widening audience. It takes the form of gossip, & it makes people discuss the issue with others. Start by adding "Tell a Friend" links to key pages of your site. When viewers find something of interest, they can immediately share the news with friends, family, co-workers, & social networks via email or message.

2.) Word By Email & IM Messages
Out of both these, using IM messages is more popular and probably the choice with the most potential. This is mainly because a person's IM list contains only friends, or at least pals. On the other hand using word by email, you can simply include a note at the bottom of every email reminding readers to forward the email or IM message to their friends,family and co-workers. Receiving a viral message from a friend, family or co-workers makes it look much less like spam, and all of us are more likely to trust a link sent by them.

3.) Pass Along
Have you ever received a mail that shows you something very funny or very unusual? After seeing that, your immediate reaction is to pass it along to your entire group of friends for them to see that cool video, picture, letter, service, product, etc? Well, this is the main purpose, as it encourages you to do just that, pass it along! Just try an experiment. Make up a good joke, or find one that's relatively new, & send it to your entire group of friends. You'll see the results. It's absolutely amazing how that little piece of info will go from PC to PC. Now, if the joke is really good & you didn't forget to mention your link. You will end up noticing a big boost in the traffic you'll get.

4.) Reward Method
Each time a person is signed up for a certain e-mail database, he gets a reward for referring it to others. This is a great way to dramatically increase the referrals database. It is even more efficient when it prompts for action, like participating in online contests.

5.) Publish A Free eBook
If you are an expert in your industry, why not put that knowledge to work for your marketing efforts? Write & publish a free eBook devoted to a topic that interests your target customers. eBooks do not have to be very long, but it is important to pack them with useful information & links to your marketing website. By offering a free eBook on your website, you can attract many new visitors who will then encourage other people to visit & download your eBook as well.

6.) Publish A Newsletter
If you have not yet started publishing a newsletter for your marketing business, now is a good time to start. Newsletters are a fast, easy & affordable way to keep customers coming back & to inspire new customers to visit your site. In addition to being an affordable way to reach a large audience, newsletters have almost unlimited viral marketing potential. Simply include a note at the bottom of every email reminding readers to forward the newsletter to friends.

7.) Hold A Contest Or Giveaway
Contests and giveaways are also highly effective viral marketing techniques that can dramatically improve your affiliate marketing. Simply offer some sort of prize, then announce the contest or giveaway on your website, blog & newsletter. As more and more readers hear about your offer, they will then pass the news on to friends in their social networks. Since there is a high incentive for readers to participate and share, the potential for exposure is huge.

8.) Syndicate Your Website To Encourage Viral Links
Another good method is to utilize RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to distribute your content. Publishing an RSS feed also allows other websites to feature your syndicated content on their websites, which can help generate even more incoming links to your site. These simple yet highly effective news feeds allow users to subscribe to your syndicated content, which means they will receive updates every time you update your site.

In closing... make sure you design a quality content that will make people laugh or intrigued in any way. Your "virus" will go on and on with no end in site. Its understood that publicity is the essence of commerce.

I hope this will help some along their way, because a know a bunch of people who are wanting to know the updated methods, & ways to go about Viral Marketing. Please PM me if you would like me to explain something in more detail, or if you have a certain marketing / web business concern you would like me to cover. I will get back with you as soon as I can. Remember I am here to help, because I know how it is to need a leg up in life sometimes.

To Your Success,
Jaime M.

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