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Hi Ted GWL,

Good article. Nothing wrong there. The only problem that I see is that (because I read so much on line) is that I think you should break up the article with sub headings. Even some point form to get your points across... possibly at the end of your article.

I find that most want to 'scan' an article. Sometimes reading every word of it is a little overwhelming... only to find that the article may not address what I am looking for.

When I write, I use the 3 point approach. Basically, I introduce what I am going to talk about... maybe adding why it's important. Then I list 3 points, usually in their own sub heading that is bold.

At the end, I wrap it up and provide a summary, sometimes with bullets of the most important parts.

That way, people can scan the article... and get the info they want fast. After all, the internet is about 'fast', no?

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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