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You definitely come across as knowledgeable in the article; so that's great! Keep it up!

I also think the article is quite well written but since I do a lot of content audits for my clients, I thought I'd point out somethings that jump out at me, especially for your second question:

1. Although you have tons of great info in the article; they're all hidden in text.

I'm quite sure GoArticles allows you to use bullets and even change fonts to bold, italic etc to draw attention. Try using those (just don't overuse them) to tell me what I'm going to gain by investing my time in reading this article.

2. You can also use the intro to quickly tell me what I'm going to gain from the article. If I can quickly understand what you're going to talk about next, it aids me in understanding the actual content of your article.

Your question about the impression I get from the article is a bit tricky because its going to be very subjective. However; I think a short introduction goes a long way in helping people feel like they "know" you. It forms the basis of liking you and then trusting you so in your bio, you can position yourself in my mind as an expert or someone I should "follow" by mentioning a little bit about you and your company without taking away from your CTA.

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