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wayne h

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The article mentions that blog links are being discounted by Google. The writer probably means that blog comment links are being discounted. Links from within the blog content and from the blog's link list certainly are given full value.

The confusion between links from blogs, which are treated like those from any other website, and links from blog comments, is a common error. It's a misconception that needs to be cleared up as there is much misinformation about blogs out there.

In fact, Google owned Blogger even provides a model of how to make a clean html link, for users of that free blogging system.

A link from a blog link list (often called a blogroll) is more powerful than a link from most traditional website's links pages. The link from a blog is usually directly from the blog's home page and will almost always be written in clean html code.

Even more powerful than a link from a links list (blogroll) is a link from within a blog post (column) itself. The link will be surrounded by keyword and theme relevant content. The link will often be keyword rich in anchor text as the blogger will regularly use part of a sentence from the content. That sentence fragment will very often contain the receiving blog's most important keyword phrase.

In summary, a link from a blog is given full credit from the search engines, including Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo. The possible downgrade is in the blog comments, and not the blog contents.

Wayne Hurlbert

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