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Originally Posted by T.Mayer
I may take on the project of preparing a website for our church,As this would be a pilot project can anyone suggest a free web hosting site?
As well could anyone post a few pros and cons to using free web hosting?
Help on this one would be greatly appreciated,
Well the free web hosting service I use is . I found it looking for a free webpage too.

I think it would be quite good as a starter page for your church. It allows you 4 different pages for the free level. Those pages are a general description, links, news, and photos. THey can be customized a certain amount. I have no banner or pop up adds on my page other than a couple that I have added to promote business. You may also choose the name of your site and the address that refers to it. In my cases I chose tobytoby which is in honor of a beloved pet.

Please go check it out. I really think this might be something like you are looking for.

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