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25. Over inflating claims destroys credibility. Sure make it sound as ‘magical’ as possible, the next best thing to sliced bread...but don’t go overboard!

26. When you write your sales copy, write it as if you were writing to a friend. Speak the reader’s language. What is the conversation going on inside your prospects mind?

27. Think like a sales wo/man. Think about how you would sell the product to someone else.

Often the best sales copy often has a kind of speech type you-and-me-talking quality about it.

Practice selling your product or service out loud or try and sell it to someone you know in person. Record the conversation and play it back to yourself. How do you sound?

28. Don’t use… “I this, I that, I, I, I,” all the time, the focus of the sales copy is on the reader, the benefits you can bring to them. Use ‘You’ and ‘Your’ etc instead.

29. Think in terms of Features...Advantages...Benefits.

30. Research your target market. What are their fears, their feelings of pain or frustration? Present yourself as their ideal solution, their ideal pleasurable outcome.

31. Keep them guessing what the next page is going to be about. Create excitement in their mind, make your sales copy an irresistible read. Help them to really WANT to turn the ‘page’ or click over to the next page if necessary.

32. Create mystery. Keep them reading until the very end, when the best deal possible is going to be revealed to the reader.

33. Do not be tempted to sell on price alone, don’t be in a rush to use your discounted price as your major selling point. Only reveal the price at the end of your sales copy.

34. Direct mail — remember your envelope is part of the letter. In fact, it is the first piece your prospect sees. Grab their attention but do not use Private & Confidential unless this really is the case.

35. Create visual interest. Break up long chunks of text by using: Italics; box rules around paragraphs; tables & bar charts; numbered paragraphs; underlining; bullet points; capital letters – but use them sparingly and in a balanced manner.

36. Use testimonials to sell the product. Positive reviews get high readability, use the best one’s you’ve got. Put them in their own highlighted boxes.

37. There is no harm in being polite, say please and say thank you.

38. When you complete your sales copy, edit it ruthlessly. Trim it. Prune it. Add to it. Prune it again. Sleep on it – eventually it will start to take shape.

39. Read your sales copy / sales letter from back to front, from start to finish several times over back and forth. Check, double check, and check again for major spelling mistakes. When you are finally satisfied, check again! You will be amazed just how many errors you keep on finding.

40. Finished writing your sales copy? Read it out loud to yourself. Does it flow very well? Is this piece you've written down the kind of conversation you would have with a friend sitting across the table?

41. Never, ever make the reader or visitor to your site feel like an idiot. If you do - they’ll click away immediately.

42. Do not bunch up all of your key benefits and key features all in one place, spread them out throughout your sales copy or sales letter..

43. Got a ‘last minute’ offer, make it look like one. Don’t dress it up with an incredible design. The two will contradict each other if you do that.

44. Direct mail: PS – PPS — Use them, highlight your offer, your personal guarantee, they are read in nearly every instance by most visitors, they can work for you very well.

45. Use penalties to get your visitors to take immediate action. For example, “Limited stock” - “Price increases tonight at 8:30pm sharp if you do not take action right now.”

46. People love new things. If it’s a new product or service, tell them so. People love to be in at the ground floor first, before anyone else.

47. Make your visitors, readers feel important and special.

48. If a direct mail campaign, do not underestimate using postcards – postcards most often get read whilst envelopes are often simply thrown in the trash.

49. Great sales copy often has a child like quality to it, appealing to everyone. Try to do the same if you can.

50. Read every book you can on the subject of copywriting from the grand masters. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from them.

Want to add to the list of general copywriting tips? Please feel welcome to add your own copywriting tip down below...

Hopefully a few of you will find these basic tips useful in your own copywriting.

With my compliments.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews

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