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Great Post Crimson Fox
What's worrying me about this sort of post is that a business is hard enough to start up when you have years of experience in an industry you love and the necessary skills to accomplish the task. So how can people hope to succeed by simply jumping with both feet without even really knowing the ins and outs of the field you want to join.
Its easy to say just go and get a job in the field you want to be in to get experience, but in reality its not that easy for a lot of industries to get a start without experience in the first place.
Which is makes sense of course. but I don't think these start-ups quite realise the in-depth amount of research required.
I totally agree with this but i also think that they simply dont know what to research and if if they do they will probably not understand it until they are actually running a business.

All in all Crimson fox I believe that if anyone who owns a business can honestly say that they new eveything about starting, running and making a business successful before they went and started it are big fat liars. I personally knew nothing when I started my business, and there are still huge amounts of stuff I dont know, I am still learning many things along with what I believe nearly every other business owner is still doing (learning)

As far as the guy's who post "what business to start" etc I think most of the time that is their first crack at your recommendations which is "research". All we can do Is try and help them make a better decision..

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