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Originally Posted by Valto View Post
Thanks to pointing out my error in signature. Boy I feel stupid
Don't. It's so easy to switch a couple of letters. I won't say how many misspelled URLs I've posted around the web over the years...

Originally Posted by Valto View Post
Also everyone should understand that when they sell their ad's directly, they can choose not have advertising that don't fit to their blog, readers will also like this more and advertisers will also get better results.
Yes, that's certainly an important point. I agree that handpicking your ads is more effective -- in terms of both revenue and user satisfaction -- than letting an ad network choose which ads to display on your site.

However, you also have to look at the time and effort you need to put into it. If you use an ad network, you just throw a few lines of javascript on your page and you're done. Working with advertisers directly takes much more time and for low-traffic sites the additional revenue may not be enough to pay for the additional work. In this scenario the ad network may in fact be the better solution.

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