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Question Why Does So Few Blog Have A Advertising Rate Card, Done For Potential Advertisers?

This one is a HUGE question mark for me and I would like to get your feedback.

I have worked as an entrepreneur for most of my life, big and small, local and international. And for past 5 years I have been working as a business consultant and consulting more than 600 new entrepreneurs to help them get started and established. One thing I have learn to be very common, is that doing price sheets for their products and service is a difficult task, so difficult that most would like to avoid that and many times those are not done properly or done at all. So selling becomes request/offer based, and that slows them down and created less selling opportunities.

This same thing I see with small print publishers and with bloggers. In print it's generally more common to have ad rate cards done that it is in websites. But even there small publishers don't really have ad rates clearly thought out. And if there is an ad rate card (big or small publication), it's usually done in PDF format, that is not very usable tool online.

So what about blogs? Huge majority of blogs don't have any kind of ad rate cards done at all. And I think that it's for the same reasons as those new entrepreneurs I have consulted.

But if a blog don't have an ad rate card, how can it expect for advertiser to buy any ad's from there? Everyone should make the buying process as easy as possible for any kind of sales. Selling ad's is no exception.

I have seen this rate card issue as such a big global problem for small publishers (print or web) that I have decided to start doing something about it. I may even have to become full time entrepreneur for once more, to get this moving.

And I'm now talking only about direct ad sales, not about the hundreds of other options that exists (tradedoubbles, adsence etc.).

My questions to you are:

a) if you have a blog and want to get direct advertisers, why don't you have an ad rate card?

b) if you don't have a blog, why do you think that blog's don't have rate cards?

c) if you are a potential advertiser for any size of blog and would like to advertise, do you feel that ad rate card, would make your buying decision easier?

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