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Go VistaPrint! Killing it. How about business card design? I always use or to get my print media designed. For under $250 bucks you can get designers to participate in your contest designing your card, a stationary, and pamphlet. Best thing about it is that you get to comment as people submit. You have the opportunity to critique and make suggestions. At the end of the contest you get to choose your favorite one (the perfect one).

In summary, for a little money you can have an unbelievable amount of designs to choose from. You don't spend weeks making your own. You get to share the submissions on social media sites (getting people involved, fun marketing). For a few hundred bucks your trade off is likes, shares, comments, customers, at least 30 designs, a future designer. You could imagine, using a local service would cost up and over $5,000 for all of this. Talk about innovation.

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