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Default Legit Schools are starting to offer programs

Originally Posted by hscpub View Post

That is excellent.

We would be interested, potentially, in investing in a serious SEO program that would attract students and awards credible certification or degrees. It appears to still be a wide open and greatly underutilized segment of the market.

Alex Hammer, CEO
HSC Media
There aren't many Colleges that offer degree programs in internet marketing. The only school I know that offers a full degree is Rasmussen College, which has an Internet Marketing Degree. I think you can complete the degree either at their campus or online. Their adr is

The University of British Columbia in Canada has a certificate in Web Analytics, which is a narrow niche of internet marketing. And, a few colleges offer an internet marketing elective as part of their marketing degrees. Haven't found any masters degree programs yet. If anybody does, please post.

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