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Originally Posted by jsingerston View Post
I could not agree more. Links matter more in highly competitive searches. In low competition searches you might not need more than one single link to your entire website in order to get it to rank in position one for that search. Hell you might not need any so long as your page is indexed. You might want to get some anyway to make sure it stays indexed though.

It all depends on what you are competing against. Instead of just thinking about links, think about how to make one page more relevant for that search. Relevancy is by far the most important factor that Google is trying to determine. That is why page titles make a huge difference. It is also why anchor text matters. Think relevancy before popularity.
Both of you guys are spot on. It's really all about relevancy. All the links on earth will not help you if your search results do not coincide with what someone was actually searching for.

I think that a lot of people excited about SEO sometimes forget that the whole point is not just ranking in the #1 position in Google. (well, I guess it kinda is) But the question to ask is why?

Think like your targeted audience and create pages on your site that answers those while leading them towards some action to take. Get those pages ranked highly by and see the real magic happen...

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