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Default Whether you have 6 or 60,000 customers...

Originally Posted by Ted GWL View Post
I know a guy who owns a small manufacturing company that manufactures small stainless steel components that are sub-assemblies for other parts manufacturers. He has 6 total customers that keep him busy with work. How is a social media campaign going to benefit this guy?
Facebook can be used. I will argue with anyone who says it wont. If you say it wont then your one of those who hasnt figured out who your customer is OR even worse, you know who your customer is and you dont know how to communicate with them.

For the guy/gal who tried to claim a small mfg has 6 customers and couldnt possibly use FB. How about getting the 6 customers to become fans and now use FB to communicate new ideas, lower cost ideas, new material ideas, latest trend in stainless steel pricing and news, or just treat them like people and tell them how business is, how the family is...ask them how they are how their business god the possiblilities are endless!!!

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