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Okay, Mike - seems our messages crossed in the mail.

Let's see what we can do for you - or rather, what YOU can do for you.

First suggestion - change your vocabulary. Let's imagine for the moment that all you need is a solution to your problem. Actually, that IS all you need, right?

Do you think you will be more or less resourceful by telling yourself that you can't do this and you can't do that and that you're screwed?
___More resourceful ___Less resourceful

Are you more likely or less likely to find a solution if you tell yourself, I can do this, I can solve this, I can find a way out of this crap?
___More likely ___Less likely

Do you feel better or worse when you say, I'm screwed? ___Better ___Worse

Are you more likely to find an answer when you feel worse or when you feel better?
___When I feel better ___When I feel worse

Now, here's the big question -- Are you more likely to find someone who can help you when you act miserable, defeated and beaten down or when you have a positive, lively, can-do attitude?
___ When I am miserable ___When I am positive.

Let's see what you do with answering these questions.

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