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Default Taken for Granted

It is amazing how many people take for granted the business card design and content.

I've had more business cards than I care to count. Some companies that I've worked for had NO clue what a great design was important to a card. Staff would hand out cards and there would be no getting a number at the meat counter in a super market...very ho hum.

Then I;d suggest a redesign, show the elements that would be included and then get a great designer behind the card and then....sales magic. People LOOK at the card, people READ the card the card has information but its also like a great art piece. I've spent a lot of money on cards and not so muich money on cards. The card I have now is two color (so not a ton of cost) and I always get a "nice card" etc. People hold on to it.

Content is always important but I value creative even more....readable, usable creative but creative.

Jeff Gitomer is a sales motivator/advisor and he has made coins with his business information on it...not paper, coins ! That's thinking outside the box.

BTW, the coins represent the money he will be giving/making for his customers, as I recall.

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