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Security really does come down to adding layers of protection. Nothing will ever be 100% secure. Think about your car for a second. Obviously if you leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition it's not very secure. Taking your key and locking the doors adds one layer of scurity and will prevent some people from being able to steal it. Add an alarm and it's another layer of security. Add the club to the steering wheel and that's one more layer. You've probably stopped 99% of people from taking your car.

The truth though is that if someone wants your car badly enough and knows how they can still take it even with all the alarms and devices you add.

WEP is probably like liking the door. It will keep most people out, but anyone with some know how and the desire can still get in, probably in a couple of hours. WPA is a better security option though I'm sure it's not 100% secure either.

And no matter how tight we lock down our computers and networks the weakest link has always been and always will be us. Humans tend to be the reason our networks aren't secure. We choose very simple passwords even though we know better. We leave things around we shouldn't and we can often be too trusting when someone is asking us questions.

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