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Default Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

1. Command attention with a powerful headline. Your headline is there to ‘hook’ your readers attention. Use strong sub-headings to break up large blocks of text.

Most people’s headlines and sub-headings need work. Dare to be different. Stand out from the crowd but keep them relevant.

Remember copywriting / sales copy is all about selling nothing more, hence the reason it is called sales copy.

Does your sales copy sell? Does it really make you want to buy your very own product or service? Does it connect emotionally with the reader?

2. When you write your sales copy, use short, punchy sentences. Keep your words simple. Do not use gobbledegook which very few people can understand. Try to use shorter words over longer words if you can, although this of course does depend on your target market.

3. Turn every negative into a positive. For example…

“If your writing isn’t improving in 30 days, we’ll refund your money,” say instead, “You’ll be writing like a professional writer within 30 days guaranteed or your money back.”

4. Don’t be put off thinking your sales letter or sales copy online has to be spelling perfect, it doesn’t have to be. Nor does it have to have perfect punctuation or grammar.

Your sales copy is there purely to nudge your visitors into taking a direct form of action, whether this is to sign up to your opt-in list. or to physically buy a product, or to call you up on the phone.

Most professional copywriters break many rules to get the selling point across to the intended target audience. You can do the same. Just say it in the most simple way, write it in the most simple way you can imagine just as if you were having a conversation with a child. Simple written language sells.

5. Do not be tempted to go off at tangents - keep the flow going continuously throughout your sales copy. Get to the point as quickly as possible. Try not to waffle, writing on matters of no direct relevance to the sales message.

6. You can use color to underline important parts of your text. Options: Do this with a (color) underline or use a yellow text background tag or simply print the text in a different color for a direct mail flyer for example.

7. When you complete writing your sales copy / sales letter, review it several times over.

Look at your sales copy from many different angles or perspectives. See your own sales copy / sales letters as your intended target audience will perceive your copywriting. Sleep on it again overnight and read it back again the following morning.

Make adjustments where necessary.

8. When you create a story, make sure it relates to your readers, your target market.

9. Whenever you can, use short sentences. Long sentences are difficult to read and digest. The easiest sentence to read is just eight words. The average length of a sales copy sentence should be sixteen words. A sentence over 32 words total is difficult to read.

10. A paragraph ideally should be short and to the point. A paragraph should contain just one thought, not two or more. Do not write long paragraphs, again they are very difficult to read.

11. Use ellipses to link sentences or paragraphs… Now, check this out… Read on to find out more… (This is the link and chain effect in action).

12. Avoid like the plague being too clever or cryptic. There is nothing worse than trying to read sales copy which loses it’s true meaning when you try to impress others with your long winded vocablary. This is not a competition. This is about you drawing in buyers — as many as possible. Using cryptic ‘clever’ language simply distracts visitors and hurts your potential profit margin.

13. Humor has it’s place but not everyone may appreciate your sense of humor. It’s best to avoid humor when writing sales copy or sales letters. The only exception to this is if you are an exceptional writer to start with.

14. Use repetition for emphasis. People often do not mind you repeating yourself to stress a point. You can repeat the offer several times in the text and get away with it just fine. Make sure the offer is irresistible!

15. Add to your own credibility if at all possible. Rather than saying, “As used by several blue chip global corporations,” say, “As used by (specific corporation/s name/s here).”

16. Don’t use an unreadable text size...too small is not good. Make sure the size of your text can be read by as wide an audience as possible.

17. There is no need to go over the top with the most fancy design in the world. Design does not sell, words sell. Keep it simple.

18. Never use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS – Use them sparingly.


19. Use bullet points to highlight your main key benefits and your main key features.

20. State real sums of money in your sales copy. For example, “How I turned a $500 investment into $5762 in just 14 days. Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to do the same.”

21. Stick to the facts – do not make outrageous claims which will set off the ‘I smell bs meter’ in the mind’s of your readers.

22. If you can say it with less words, do so.

23. Always, always, always focus on the benefits your product or service will bring to the reader, your potential customer.

24. When you write your sales copy do not worry about the length of your sales copy. It has been proven over and over again long sales copy sells better than short sales copy.

There is no such thing as overly long sales copy. Just ensure you make the copy interesting to read. Ideally you want it to fully engage with the people you want to persuade into a direct course of action. Avoid boring your readers or website visitors. Find your unique voice.

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