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Default Are Catalogues Still Effective In The Digital Age?

The digital age has changed marketing in many ways for businesses – with the introduction of a new digital platform that your audience can engage with. But what does that mean for the future of traditional methods, such as catalogues?

What are businesses’ attitudes towards catalogues?
It seems that businesses haven’t let the rise of digital marketing get in the way of using catalogues as a marketing method. In a survey conducted by Catalogues4Business of over 100 UK businesses, it was discovered that catalogues were still considered important.

In fact, 70% of business respondents had had a business catalogue for over five years, and 54% had their catalogues for over 10 years. 27% also said the product was essential to their business.

In addition to this, 38% of companies surveyed stated that the use of catalogues ‘will be more important in the coming year’; 17% said that it will be ‘crucial’. This is because they believe that catalogues help to build their brand awareness and their reputation too.

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