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So glad to see these questions come up! Jenn is doing a serious business experiment with an in your face product and fun approach. This is PR of the new generation at its finest. I straddle this generation, since I'm just over 40 and though a marketer of the old school, who "thought" she was current, I'm learning how out of it I am. Let the learning begin.

In fact, I’ll even point out that I chose CafePress for that very reason…because they were already established. It’s the same reason why I might have selected eBay or Yahoo! stores as an option…built in traffic.
I didn't even know CafePress existed b4 this b/c I'm not in retail, but I certainly knew about eBay and Craigslist. The point is that we can work harder or smarter. The advantage Jenn brings that she doesn't fully realize is that she knows about these forums, blogs, and established places when many of us spend months trying to find them (my case). Her experiment shows up that there are quick ways to get going.

Do you think that I would have gotten the links and blog discussion about the project that I have if I was selling ink toner?
But Jenn, many of us do sell or are trying to sell the equivalent of ink toner. Your lessons are still valid though. No one said it would be easy.

Every other link to the site is unsolicited.
Which mean she has quality content. In her blog! Not the web site, YET. The marketing world has change and Jenn knew how to take advantage of that from the get go.

It’s the viral marketing efforts that have really launched this project. It’s the half dozen parenting forums where someone that’s visited to the site made a post about it, or the parenting blogs that have started adding The Lactivist to their blogrolls… Those are the links that are generating the success for this product. I’d argue that my SEO skills have had almost nothing to do with it so far. (though that will obviously not be the case over time as I expect search traffic will start to make up at least a third of my referrals…)
Jenn, this all seems so natural to you. I'd never heard of viral marketing (that's what happens when you are a SAHM for 8 years and a WAHM for 3), though I certainly knew of the concept. I lumped this technique in with SEM/SEO b/c I already have a web site and am trying to drive traffic to it to drive business. So in a way, your SEM knowledge is a huge advantage, but like you said, someone elses business knowledge, CSS, or contacts file, can also be advantages. Hopefully anyone starting or running a business has something unique they bring to the table, and they either learn or hire out the things they don't know. I personally find the challenge of shoestring budget and time business is that I can't afford to hire, so everything takes a bit longer b/c I have to learn it myself (SEO, SEM, CSS, WebDesign, Photo Editing). It's also what keeps a former geek/marketing gal's brain alive on mundane SAHM tasks like laundry.

Possibly, but why not take advantage of whatever buzz you can generate?
Old marketing quips still rule "no publicity is bad publicity"

Some might say that the very fact that I’m doing this article series is nothing more than a brilliant marketing ploy for launching a business.
Go get em girl!

BTW - I'm thrilled you are using a couple of my ideas on the t-shirts. I may end up getting one of those shirts for when I'm out exercising - my preteen kids would be mortified if they saw me in it! But I love to mortify them...

I want you to go to Ask Dr. Sears he's our pediatrician, and a renowned breastfeeding and attachment parenting activist. If you need me to hook you up with his tel# & such, I will. I can picture the whole office wearing your shirts.

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