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Originally Posted by ecommerceguru View Post
Logan is pretty much spot on - I echo his recommendations.

If you've had your account for years, chances are, you are not going to have someone who does not know your business, magically get you more clicks for less. It's not impossible, just not likely. I would only consider using a third party to manage CPC if you don't have the time to do it they way you want, and your margins justify it.

It's all about ROI, not just clicks. I would also look into using googles reports to find keywords that caused clicks but are not relevant. If they are expensive clicks, or if there are a lot of them for the same words, add them as negative keywords. The report I'm referring to is found on the reports tab inside Adwords, and it's called "Search Query Performance". If you've never ran it before, you might be surprised at what people type in and triggers your ad - and they click through costing you money.

Hopefully you have a reliable way to measure conversions, though I suspect as a driving school, you may get more phone calls than online sign ups.

Best of luck!

1- Optimize your ad. Google takes into consideration the history of the ad. If your ad performs well you will end up being charged less per click than a competitor with a lower ctr.

2-Optimize your landing page. If your ad is important, your landing page is equally important. Google's algo controls your CPC, but you control your landing page and conversion rate. A/B test the page, change colors, add more information, change the copy etc...I ran a successful ad this weekend. My CTR was great, but I did not put enough work on my landing page. Result= Lost leads.

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