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Default Mr Money Maker - Yep REAL $$$$

I hear alot of complaints from others saying they are not making any money on Adwords and some even try to turn that negative into a positive by saying "I lose money on the initial adword sale but make up for it on future sales" - that maybe true but you have no guarantee of that.

AND THIS ONE KILLS me - every adword guide I have seen states "create your campaign with what your budget can afford"...Well wait a minute..if you are using a budget to determine how much to spend - that assumes that this is like any other expense and its not generating sales.

I am going to write a book and its going to say "YOUR budget for adwords is infinite" For example my current daily Adword Budget setting is $9,000 per Campaign and I am running 5 campaings - thats $45,000 per day.

And some day I hope to actually spend that much with Google. YOUR saying why are you crazy? No - right now my adwords has a 300% ROI - for every dollar I put into Google I get $3 back. So If I spend $45,000 per day I will get $135,000 per day in sales or $49,250,000 per year.

So your goal is not to limit the amount you spend - but to maximize the amount you spend.

I measure my success by two key indicators - ROI and Visitor Value. ROI takes the amount of sales and divides that by how much it cost to generate those sales. Visitor Value is total sales / number of visitors. My visitor value has increased 425% since I have implemented some the very things I have mentioned in this post. That means I can raise my Bid price which increases my Quality Score and Ad Position. Which means I get more sales and with the other things I have improved on my Conversion rate is now 3.5% so everything is feeding on itself.

I think I am going to get writing a white paper that maybe explains this better. Anyone interested? stop by my website and drop me an email.

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