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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I am not a consultant, nor do I prefer to spend my time managing a blog or website to increase awareness of myself or my services online. Therefore, I do not have a website.

I would appreciate it, David, if you disengaged with unprofessional tone of hostility I'm receiving from your messages. I appreciate your intentions in protecting the forum's integrity.
Nathan, I personally don't think I've been hostile or unprofessional. Had I been, I can assure you, forum administrator Chris Logan would have deleted my posts. That type of behavior is simply not tolerated here.

That being said, if you think I was unduly harsh or unfair to you, then I offer you my sincere apologies. Apparently, my tone came across much harsher than I intended. I'm sorry.

Unfortunately, we've had people come through here claiming to be experts with nothing to substantiate their claims, then spam the forum, rip people off and disappear.

I guess I take it personally when so-called IM experts don't have a website. Because out of all the experts out there, IM experts above all others should know the importance of a website...

...Especially if you're going to be dispensing information to small business owners about how to properly launch a website. If I was one of those small business owners, I'd certainly be wondering why you don't have a website.

I hope you see my point.

David Jackson

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