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Arrow Why Web Analytics Will Help Your Organic (Free) Ranking

After attending a few of the very popular Search Engine Strategy (SES) conferences, I've learned that your web analytics tool can really help to improve your organic listings.

- You should utilize the Search Engine Phrases report. It gives you an accurate list of key phrases that people use to find you. The most popular of those keywords should be included in your meta tags and included in text for specific products and descriptions throughout your site. When you use those popular phrases, spiders and robots crawl out and recognize that your site has multiple instances of the keywords it's searching for. But those keywords have to make sense to your web site. You can't just throw in a bunch of keywords on one page. The engines will recognize that and knock you down the rankings. The more relevant your site is, the higher it gets ranked.

- Check out your Referrals report and try to get your site listed on those web sites. Also, the more relevant your site is, the more traffic you get. Google and Overture take that into account when ranking sites. For example, you'll get a much higher ranking if you're linked to an type site then if you were linked to your brother's little book store web site. A link on would of course bring your site much more traffic then your brother's book store site.

- Use the Bounce Rate report and the Scenario Details (funnel analysis) report to help find abandonment areas and clear up bottlenecks on your web site. The better experience your client has on your site, the higher the chance he/she will come back. You'll also get more referrals from a visitor who's had a good experience. An increase in "better experiences" leads to an increase in traffic. Search engines like high trafficked sites in organic listings.

Google and Overture are interested in sending people to sites that have "value" because a site with a higher value most likely has what visitors are searching for. If a lot of people are visiting the site, then it holds more "value" then your brother's less visited book store site. If you have an unprofessional site, you're not going to get as much traffic and your site won't hold the "value" that it needs to be ranked higher. So use your web analytics reports to test and measure changes and make your site as user friendly as possible.

You can't expect to have a site go from #88 to #3 in one night (unless of course you use pay-per-click (sponsored) ads ). It takes lots of measuring, testing, and tweeking to get listed higher up in the free listings. If you stay true to making your web site better however, in time, you will get the results you want and you'll start to creep up in the free listings.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Matt Lillig

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