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Originally Posted by Mike.Bean View Post
You can not just go around looking for customers and trying to get them to add your account onto face book or twitter or any other social networking site. So how do you do this? Besides having a button on my main websites for these things of course.

It's fairly new but still, in three months nobody is adding me to there face book or twitter. How do I get more target consumers to add me to these websites??
Its fairly a simple task.
Making a good popular product is tough for anyone... but popularizing a popular product is a simple task. because it is already a popular one.

Similar wise, Know what product/service/data popular related to your business. post accordingly. Sure you will see the difference in the real followers.

For Ex: Growth Hacking is a new concept in internet marketing & SEO. If you post a blog related to growth hacking in your website, then it will be viewed and shared by many people.

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