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Originally Posted by Jen 100 View Post
I typically use You're right it does take time. Another option, if you're looking for places to guest post is to use a service such as
I've never used it, but Google blogsearch is a good idea. Avoid sites like because Google recently manually penalized very many different websites that were a part of that network. Plus, many of the blogs there aren't the type you want links from anyway. Google has said publicly it will ruin the rankings of the low-quality websites that hang out on these networks.

They have such low authority anyway that you're better off writing one high quality blog article for a big-name website than you are getting 10-20 of these little ones.

The best thing to do is Google blogsearch or to manually search in Google. Yes, it takes time. But, Google's new algorithm forces you to do that because they want the web to be filled with quality content.

Remember, if they haven't slaughtered the rankings of easy-to-find and post on blogs now, they will in the future.

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