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Originally Posted by Jax4fun View Post
I come across so much hearsay about making money online. Most of the time it's all about hustling. But it's a never ending cycle and it doesn't provide much if any value.

My opinion is, to make money online provide value to people first. Help others by sharing something you enjoy, have passion for, and are good at. That in turn will begin a constant stream of money without the exhausting chase of what's the new making money technique.

I use facebook as a way of creating a community of people who share a similar passion. In my case inspirational quotes, sayings, quotations... This has started to push my website numbers up and is pushing my income up. Always providing value first. It's better to have a visitor to your site who becomes a friend, than a customer you're trying to sell.

My 2 cents.

I do agree with you. First we must provide informative stuff and posts to social media users however they followed us.

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