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Some of the distribuitors for that directory have very high prices and some of them don't but unfortunetly you can't check them out until you open an account with the distribuitor, we have to remember though that the directory is just that, they do not have anything to do with the companies that they list other than make sure they are not middlemen and list them on their directory.

Now let me tell you my experience, when I wanted to start my paintball store, I could not find any dropshippers for these items so I had to become a distribuitor for Kingman brand, now there is one company that dropships paintball guns and one of the brands this company sells is Kingman (is not me, ok?), the prices that he is giving are like $10 to $12 dollars mark up from the price that I get from Kingman, so I'd say you have a really good deal there if you don't want to mess with inventory and all that. Some other distribuitors though like the ones for electronics, at least for plasma, projection and LCD TV's are way overpriced, you can get better deals off the internet, now if you want to sell that (I know I will here in the near future) your best bet is to find a local distribuitor and talk to him about dropshipping for you.

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