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Hey Nancy,

First and foremost, congratulations on your business!

I think that your home page copy is pretty good. You have really pinpointed your audience as well which is key. I am always asking a question in the back of my mind as I look at a website. That question is "what do I do now?" I'm not sure that your site answers that question after I read the initial copy. Maybe you could put your email sign up or even a "purchase now" button at the bottom of the page copy to capture any interested people right after they read the page. ("If you're are interested in learning more sign up now to get my free newsletter.")

Also, you may want to consider moving your menu to along the top of the screen and moving up your membership associations. You have some GREAT credentials there on the bottom left. If those were shown in the upper third of the page when someone first comes to the page it could definitely add to your credibility immediately at an initial glance.

It might have been just me but the color of the font was kind of hard to read.

I wish you the best of luck with your venture!


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