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Thank you for your comments I have changed the comma to the semi-colon and the it to my newsletter.

Although I appreciate the gentle request about not doing the website design, and the fact that I cannot be great at everything, I have to decline this suggestion. I love creating websites and athough I still have a lot to learn and will always be learning this craft. I may not write the copy for the website but I intend to create outstanding websites. My main business is to support 1 - 3 select clients to provide full support (and I am great at this) from database management to website design. I will also have a side business developing websites. I have come a long way in one year and I feel very proud at what I have accomplished and that even right now I can develop a business website that will stand up to the competition.

I do not intend to create a multi-VA business, but I have a great source of fellow VA's that if by chance there is something that I cannot do and do not have the time to learn it that I can refer clients to. Thank you for the link to the website, but as I said this is not the way the I wish to go.

See you around the forum.

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