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As you stated, it largely depends on the target audience. What my hospital gives away at a public health fair set up in the local mall will be completely different from what a chemical company will use for either public marketing or for giving to employees.

And a commercial firm, such as a Motorola wholesale dealer will require other products for giving to commercial customers as well as government agencies that he serves.

While I find some products are aimed more at the 'one-time-wow-factor' usage, many of the other products will be kept for the long term, when given to the appropriate end-user.

One of my better selling items that many overlook are the USB memory drives. My typical order is for 100 or more, often with 256MB to 1GB. I'm working on one order of these for next month.

Calendars, coffee mugs, embroidered shirts, self-stick notes, and ink pens are my biggest sellers, but I write a number of orders for specialty items, including work gloves, executive desk items, bank deposit bags, and carpenter aprons.

Believe it or not, my biggest customer for the nail aprons is a hospital that gives them to their joint replacement patients. Whether they have a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement, they are given the nail apron to carry the ink pens, crossword puzzle books, tv remote, etc. and told to get out of the bed frequently.

What appears a total waste of money to one buyer or sales rep, may the the perfect product for a different use altogether.


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