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While it is necessary to get SEO rankings and optimize your website. But at same time you should also try to find out what other ways are there to drive traffic to your products. Its always best to put your eggs in more than one basket.

Even though this thread is related to SEO but I would suggest you do atleast following to minimum:

1. Build partnerships with other websites to host your products on their websites. Like say if you run online shop which sells some goods, best to host your products on some comparison engines and other websites which sell products. e.g. eBAY and other similar websites.

2. Optimize Images not just pages so that you get little bit extra traffic.
3. Add your products to Google Products.
4. If you target local residents of a particular town then do use other traditional methods also to get traffic.

Also I guess nobody mentioned about Google Webmaster Tools are important in SEO activities. So get your website registerred with Google Webmaster Tools, with some time it will tell you about backlinks to your website and also any issues such as broken links to your website. All this will also add to better visibility in google if taken care properly. Also submit sitemap using webmaster tools. I have seen that Google indexes pages quickly if sitemap is submitted using Google Web Master tool.

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